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Where riders become champions!

Experienced Instructors

Give expert instruction to every rider.

Focus on Safety

Your safety is our priority.

Competitive Pricing

Provides exceptional riding at affordable prices.

Fun and Friendly Environment

Provides a comfortable horse-riding experience.

Who We Are?

Cavalry Ranch is more than just a horseback riding school and is a group of horseback riders that share a passion for horses. Our objective is to inspire and motivate our students to reach their goals and realise their full riding potential.

Our Services

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Check out our schedule and find the perfect class for you.

No, we welcome riders of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced riders. Our knowledgeable instructors will adapt the sessions to your ability level and assist you in progressing at your speed.

We ask all riders to wear suitable riding attire, including long pants and closed-toe shoes with low heels, for safety reasons. We also recommend that you wear a helmet, which is available at the academy.

At our academy, we have a wide range of horses that are appropriate for riders of different sizes and skill levels. Our horses are amiable, well-mannered, and secure to ride.

You can schedule a riding class by contacting us via our website, email, or phone. Our helpful team will gladly assist you in scheduling your class.